Skilled Nursing
There are times when you may seek the skilled and advanced medical resources you can find at a hospital but in a home-like setting. Our Skilled Nursing program provides around-the-clock, expert nursing care and daily assistance seniors in these situations need. Our clinical team is comprised of veterans from tier 3 public hospitals, who are skilled at providing advanced medical care such as general wound care, acute medical conditions, stroke recovery, rehabilitation care due to fractures or joint replacements, respiratory care etc. Our skilled nursing facilities are designed to promote nursing and rehabilitation in a high quality and compassionate environment, supported by an extensive network of medical resources within the Columbia China Group.
Service Objects
Skilled Nursing is best for: older adults who require higher acuity of care (actual level of care will be assessed by an on-site physician team).
Service Features
Nursing care assessment, measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature and other vital signs;
Monitoring of vital signs and a personalized care plan will be established based on a thorough care assessment;
Staff on duty 24 hours a day;Bed sore management and skin care;
Physical Rehabilitation.