Rehabilitation Services
Cascade Living is specialized in various kinds of post-operations rehabilitation, supported by a combination of traditional Chinese therapies, western medicines and other cutting-edge concepts. Our in-house rehabilitation specialists will develop personalized rehabilitation programs and provide on-on-on sessions with hopes that our residents can quickly return to their healthy lifestyle.
Physical therapy of traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine-based Physical Therapy is underpinned by the theory of meridians and collaterals as essential components of promoting the circulation of qi, blood, body fluid, which is believed to correlate and impact organ functions and help integrate the human body into an organic whole.
Service Objects
Rehabilitation is best for: moderately or severely dependent elderly.
Service Features
Rehabilitation for stroke and/or other types of post-operative care for orthopedics and tumor surgeries;
Health support for late-stage cancer patients;
Strengthening of body muscles, assistance with sitting, standing, walking;
Coordination between the brain and hand movements in order to enhance independence;
Speech rehabilitation, recovering of swallowing and other physiotherapies.